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Was Ivar Kreuger assassinated?
The author and journalist Jan Gillberg argue that Ivar Kreuger was assassinated on the 12th of March 1932 in his apartment in Paris. One of Sweden's financial interests acquired , according to Gillberg , agent Leon Birthschansky to murder Ivar Kreuger . He also claims that "it is beyond any reasonable doubt that the Wallenberg family had been without knowledge that Ivar Kreuger was the victim of a murder conspiracy ." It is true that Sweden had gone through two severe financial crises in the last century and it is also true that the first serious crisis arose in connection with the Kreuger bankruptcy in 1932.

That this crisis has never been properly investigated is , according to Gillberg , due to Sweden for more than 60 years has kept secret all the events surrounding what happened in the Kreuger bankruptcy .

Through author Lars-Jonas Ångströms research and partly by author and journalist Jan Gillbergs work , the picture of how Ivar Kreuger was killed by noon 12 March 1932 in his apartment in Avenue Victor Emmanuel III of No. 5, has slowly emerged.

How Ivar Kreuger was murdered , can be found in Lars-Jonas Ångströms book " Kreuger - murdered " . Ångström cooperated with the court doctor Olle Lindquist in Uppsala , showing that Kreuger was first stunned in his apartment in Paris, then stabbed to death , before finally being shot with a loose shot at the place where he had been the connector so it came to look like suicide.

Even at the preliminary examination of Ivar Kreugers bodies of Gustav Vasa church crypt in Stockholm, Dr. Erik Karl Mark note that it was NOT a suicide, but certainly a murder. When he wanted to go further with the investigation, he was never allowed to complete this. Former governor of Stockholm, Niels Edén , quickly decided that Ivar Kreuger was to be immediately cremated . Jan Gillbergs research shows that Ivar Kreugers killer was Russian, Leon Birthschansky that at the current time lived in the Rue Saint Honoré in Paris . To kill Ivar Kreuger , he received a sum of 16,000 francs , which in today's money equivalent to almost half a million dollars . The order for payment was telegraphed from Stockholm approx. 24 hours before the death of Kreuger was performed.

In his study of how the murder was ordered, Gillberg come to the conclusion that it was the former Commercial Bank Manager Carl Fresh , who gave the order to kill Ivar Kreuger on behalf of Swedish financial interests. With the position that Carl Fresh had in the  Swedish banks and in the financial world then, he had many opportunities for economic work against Ivar Kreuger .

According to both Gillberg and Ångström he was also engaged with great sales af Kreuger papers with the aim to bring the whole Kreuger trust in the economic crisis , in order to force a bankruptcy. When this failed , was the choice to murder Ivar Kreuger decided as a last resort , as there had been spent large amounts of money on bankruptcy trial and the risk of financial loss was too great. The consequences of the assassination was that competing financial interests could enrich themselves in a manner which lacks any historical comparison .

In Gillberg and Åkerströms theories of how the murder occurred and who is served on the murder , there is no doubt that there has been a murder. The reasons were obvious , the Swedish public lost considerable value by Ivar Kreuger was murdered while few large companies came to earn big money on the distribution of the remaining funds in the Kreuger group.