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Welcome to the Danish Match Museum's website - english version. Some of the sites are still in danish, but we hope that you will enjoy the sides despite of this. Here, you can read all about the Danish matchstick industry from the first application for establishment in 1837 to 1972, when HE Gosch & Co. was forced to close.

If you want to read more about the danish match industry, we have published the book "Svovlstikkerne - en glemt industrihistorie" (sorry, still only in danish), which is in 444 pages with nearly 180 illustrations . The book can be ordered via the "THE MUSEUM ", and you can see here a brief description of the book or you can borrow it from a danish library. The website provides a brief information on each topic, while the book explains in more detail about each of these, and also provides a historical connection between them and the development of match industry in Denmark .

When we did our research for the book , was the large amount of material that Gosch delivered by their closure , still in " bulk " in the boxes at the State Archives, which we were able to dig in. But when Business Archives since then has been recorded small portion of the material , there emerged new up (including a lot of photos), which we have now posted on the website . If you strike further up at registration (what we both hope and believe ) we will put the appropriate on the website as soon as we have reviewed it .

Via the "THE MUSEUM" you can get in touch with the museum for any questions or information you think might be useful supplements to the website. If you were to hold labels, boxes and material for match industry (both in Denmark and abroad), we are still very interested in this , whether it be as a donation to the museum, any sale or if we can get a copy or photograph it for playback on the website.

Under "NEWS", we will provide regular updates on the state has been made to the new website, then follow along with this .

The above topics takes you to the respective sides and the heading "THE DANISH MATCH MUSEUM" will always lead you back to the front .

Enjoy the website
Hans-Henrik Møller-Andersen