Phosphornecrosis is an acute or chronic phosphorus poisoning.

The acute poisoning occurs when the phosphor is received in the stomach , either because of an failure or in the context of a crime.

In the mid 1800's it is known that there have been some poisoning murders or attempts where phosphorus has been used as poisoning agent, either by use of rat powder containing phosphorus or by peeling of the phosphorus that was on the matches and dissolved in soup or coffee . The poisoning occurs rapidly after a few hours, with vomiting and severe pain in the heart . The vomit smells strongly of phosphorus and can glow in the dark . The intake of phosphorus causes heart paralysis and then death can quickly occur.

In children , death occurs not as fast as in adults , here it seems as if poisoning has ended , taking again joins well-being , but after 2-3 days, arrives poisoning symptoms themselves again, and then an even stronger degree. Pain occurs in the heart and there will now be bleeding from the stomach , intestine , kidney, and almost in the skin and in the course of 8-14 days , death occurs .

The chronic poisoning manifests itself as the so-called phosphornecrosis , an inflammation of the jaw where the jaw bone decay , why the disease at the beginning was also calling boneeater . The phosphornecrosis was first known  around 1840 , shortly after that the phosphor was commissioned by the match industry. The phosphorous vapors and contamination from hands (while licking his fingers ) attacks the oral cavity of factory workers and most easily in children and young people. Jawbone exposed and secreted a phosphor -smelling matter. Jawbone dies slowly away and during the often long suffering fades patient's forces so much that it is often included death. Most often , the only cure was to cut away a part of the damaged jawbone or the whole bone .

With the adoption of the match stick law in 1874 and the ban on the use of the yellow phosphorus  poisoning cases disappeared.

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